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Welcome to Murias


This wiki is for the Murias City of Dreams games that have been run at various Ambercons.  The series has recently been rebooted with many NPCs and PCs carrying over from the old series but with some things changed.  The new Murias has a connection to a multiverse of worlds so now sees occasional visitors from worlds other than Earths and technology more advanced that the local Earth it usually interacts with.  There are other subtle changes but it is mostly the same world as before.  I will be updating the setting background to better reflect the updated state of Murias.



Past Games





Nine Princes in Ember - Started 2019

X-Men - 2014-2019

Star Wars FSP  - Started 2016

Shadowpact - Started 2017

Waterdeep - 2017-2018

League of Quantum Gentlemen - Ended

Morpheus Calling - Ended




Justice League International - Started 2018 

Waterdeep - Started 2018 

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