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Annie (Jen)- Doctor who runs a free clinic

Aoife (Simone)- Awakened Gargoyle & Grail Protector

Aresia Barnes (David V.)- Martial Artist & Demonhunter

Black Lotus (Anne D.)- Assassin

Clever Jack (David M.)- Pooka Thief

Diego del Fuego (Jeremy)- Holistic Detective

Emily (Jess)- Beast Lord

Francis (Guy)- Forensic Sorceror

Gwenivere (Kat)- Sidhe Buttkicker, ex-leader of the Warriors and ex-singer of the Cloud Riders

Fenris "Master of the Hunt" (Tymen)-  Demonhunter

Jonas (Stephen A.)- Part-time Demonhunter and part-time chef

Kieran Brion Nemed mac Neith Ailil, Esq. (Seth)- Changeling troubleshooter for the Sidhe

Ling (Carla)-Fae Demonhunter and information broker

Loren Steel (Seth)- Epigrapher and consultant on magical artifacts

Phineas (Cal R.)- Necromancer

Sammy Sixpence (Steve B.)- Owner/operator of Reverb

Shade (Darrell H.)- Sneaky ninja guy

Tristan (Patrick)- Nephilim

Tsuki (Dawn G.)- Psychokinetic half-fae cop






Alexander du Lac- Immortal swordsman previously known as Lancelot

Balthazar- Sidhe mobster/businessman and member of unseelie court, now deceased

Big Crunch - Internet Troll (pregen)

Boris - Yellow demon that works for a creepy collector that tried to "collect" Tristan.

Buck - Floppy-eared Dog Pooka (pregen)

Chase - Satyr (pregen)

Dawn- Demonhunter

Frankie- Simple-minded monster and creation of "Kid Dracula."   Now lives with Dr. Annie.

Halo Hunter - Demon that specializes in hunting angels, may be an urban legend, though there has been at least one poser demon pretending to be him

Keis- sorcerer kicked out of the Academy who now explores the ruins of Faerie seeking knowledge

Lazarus Jones- Hard-boiled Private Eye (pregen, played by Joseph Zottola)

Marianne Archimonde - owner of 'Downtown Diviners', Tristan's mother.

Michael Archimonde - seraphim, asst. attorney general of Murias, Tristan's father.

Nall - winged shapeshifter cat friend of buck

Raquel - Diego's receptionist

Saint Baytor - former owner of Baytor's Magical Emporium, now a mendicant minister in the city

Scribble - artsy drawing kid, draws magical sketches. (pregen)
Solomon Friedman- Undead Demon-hunter (pregen has been played by David D. and Sol F.)
Station- Large Golem security guy in Baytor's

Terra - plant Mage chick (pregen has been played by Katie N.)




The God Squad

The Gargoyles

The Street-Kids

The Demonhunters




The Furies

The Bowery Boys- Gang that likes to wear Bowler Hats

The Pack

The Warriors

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