ACUS 2003: Crime and Punishment in the Dreaming City

Welcome to the streets of Murias, the ancient home of the Tuatha de Danaan. In the century since the fae of the city opened it up to mortals, the city has seen many changes. The city has grown into a large metropolis where technology exists side by side with the magical. For the last decade, the Corelli family has been unchallenged in its control of the criminal underworld of the city. The Corellis earn a little money off of almost every vice in the city. A few months ago, some new players arrived. They moved in on all of the family's operations and they are building quickly. Antonio Corelli has called a meeting. Something must be done. Can a deal be made with this new outfit or will war break out on the streets of the Dreaming City?


Note: Do to lack of preparation, I did not run the scenario advertised and instead re-ran the scenario from "Blood and Darkness in the Dreaming City," since it was all different players than there was in the ACN run of the scenario.


Synopsis: Buck (as an NPC) accidentally released a demon from the wall which possesses him and uses him to awaken a large serpent that slept beneath the Bradbury hotel.   Meanwhile, the Fomorians sensed the weakness in the wall and marched on Murias.    The characters fought a swarm of undead while trying to repair the whole in the wall before Murias was overrun by Balor's army.


Player Characters: Dawn, Scribble, Ling, Solomon Friedman, Chase, Kieran