ACUS 2006: Light and Shadow in the Dreaming City

Welcome to Murias, ancient home of the Tuatha de Danann. Murias, located halfway between the ethereal realms and the waking world, is a world where magic lives side by side with technology. The walls of Murias keep the residents safe from most outside threats, but sometimes the nightmares find a way into the dreaming city. When this happens, the job of keeping the city safe falls to the Demon Hunters, men and women with extraordinary abilities who spend each night staring into the abyss. Let he who hunts monsters take care, lest he become a monster.


Synopsis: An unnatural winter descends on Murias and is eventually revealed to be the work of Queen Mab, the Winter Queen, manipulating her court from the ether.


After-con GM thoughts:


Fenris the Hunter - Tymen V

Emily the Wildlord - Jessica B

Francis O'Reilly - Guy G-P

Keis - Chris M

Shade - Darrell H

Tyrielle - Stephanie I

Jonas - Stephen A