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Bradbury Hotel

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Bradbury Hotel

The Bradbury Hotel was one of the oldest hotels in Old Town.    Then, one day in 2002 it was partially destroyed when a large snake-like creature that slept beneath it was awoken. (ACUS 2003: Crime and Punishment in the Dreaming City )  While waiting to be rebuilt, it was used by a cult trying to release Queen Mab from the ether by providing her a new body. (ACUS 2006: Light and Shadow in the Dreaming City )    Later, the a castle appeared where the hotel once stood (ACUS 2007: Demon Castle of the Dreaming City ).   It was at first believed to be the castle of the legendary Count Dracula but was revealed to be a manifestation of an extremely powerful demon child.    When the Demon Castle was destroyed, only a crater was left in the place where the Bradbury once stood.    There have been plans to build a new hotel on the location, but construction keeps getting delayed.


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