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Lazarus Jones

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Lazarus Jones is said to have left Los Angeles in the 1950's, where he worked as a gumshoe after returning home from serving with the army.  There are rumors around the city that he was chased out of the city or left because of a woman, but he has never shared his true history with anyone, so who knows?


These days, Lazarus runs a detective agency with an office across the street from Baytor's Magical Emporium.  His assistant, Kitty, handles the front office, while he works on cases, many of them weird even by Murias standards.


Recently, Lazarus used some of the money after one of his more lucrative cases to pay for a fae glamour that causes his office and himself to appear in black, white and shades of grey....just as if he stepped out of an old noir movie.


Non-public knowledge

Lazarus Jones is a lycanthrope.   At times of high-stress, he turns into a large wolf-man.   The change happens easier during the full-moon and becomes very hard for him to control in those times.


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